Schedule & Registration

Winter and Spring 2020


Intermediate Class

Saturdays, 8:30 - 11 am
Location: Harmony Ballroom
1407 132nd Ave #7, Bellevue, WA 98005

(for currently enrolled students, or with instructor permission)

$ 375 for 12 weeks*

Beginner Class

This is a sequential class designed for beginners and will focus on explaining the big-picture and scope of taijiquan. Students will use taiji-based movements based on the posture "Grasp the Bird's Tail" (peng, lu, ji, an) to help them understand the principles of the art and prepare them to join a continuation class. This class may also include an introduction to cooperative push hands exercises, time permitting. Please contact us to inquire about classes.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are also ongoing in Bothell and the Eastside Seattle area.  Please contact us for more details.
*Discounts and Scholarships
Discounts and scholarships are available. Senior citizens, veterans, families, and anyone who could use some help with the cost of tuition should inquire. 

Send us a message if you would like to attend:

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