Short Form A  (13 posture)

The 13 posture short form is the original showcase form developed by Master Yang Jun for the Taiji Symposium. It is a very short form that is quick to learn and benefits people of all physical conditions.


Short Form B  (competition)  

The 49 movement competition form was developed by Grandmaster Yang Zhen Duo and Master Yang Jun.  This is the official competition form for the International Yang Cheng Fu Taiji Chuan Association.


Long Form

The long form consists of 103 movements and was developed by Yang Cheng Fu ( [1883-1936], 3rd generation Yang family lineage holder). The long form is slow and technical. It is divided into three sections. It develops strength, flexibility, and balance. For a list of posture names, click here


Push Hands

Push hands is a cooperative two-person practice which develops skills of listening, sticking, neutralization. It is the practice of using soft to overcome hard.



The 67 posture sword form is said to be like a dragon flying through the air.  It features quicker movements and agile footwork. The techniques are clear, light, flexible, lively, and flowing.



The 13 posture saber form is like a tiger descending from the mountain. The saber movements are stable, heavy, energetic and show great spirit.

Our curriculum is based on the traditional Yang Family teachings, as standardized by Yang Chengfu, taught by Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun.  
Traditional Yang style taijiquan is known for its expansive frame. Movements are slow, even, and large. 
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